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Author Zoe York

Romance Your Goals

Presenter: Zoe York
Date/time: October 11, 2021 at 7:00pm
Location: Online (ZOOM)

What makes the difference between a writing dream and writing career? Thirteen-time USA Today bestselling author Zoe York turned being laid off into the best thing that ever happened to her. Seven years later, she reflects on long-term income stability, quiet vs. loud success, and getting out of our own way when it comes to next-level goal setting.

Writing Short

Longer form genres have caught onto what SFF writers have known for a long time: Writing short can be a fascinating and lucrative way to write. Bria Quinlan walks through the ways to get the most out of the fewest words. Whether you’re looking for a way to produce more often or how to tell a side story or maybe create a reader magnet, we’ll discuss the basics of keeping it short and still keeping it strong.

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